Welcome to Our Church!

As we serve God, our passions are:

Bring glory to God first, honoring him in reverence. We work to help others come to know our holy and loving God through individual and corporate discipleship, as well as the use of spiritual disciplines. We honor God through meaningful worship and participating in the sacraments as means of grace. We also bring glory to God by helping people understand and develop their God-given gifts, and give affirmation that is rooted in the character of God, acknowledging the work that God is doing in and through people as He transforms people in His image.

Acting in love, we encourage and equip the body of believers to live out their faith in community with other Christians. Through the bond of unity in Christ, we will help each other encourage, teach, and admonish one another, confess and deal with sin, and restore each other gently. We live with integrity and set an example of what it means to live a life that gives witness to God so that all might see and come to know Jesus Christ.

We work faithfully to make disciples by preaching and teaching the Word of God in truth and love, carefully leading believers to help them maintain a hunger and thirst for God’s righteousness. We seek to help people pursue godly wisdom, continue to stay immersed in the study and meditation of God’s Word, and listen for God’s guidance through prayer. However, discipleship is not just inwardly focused; thus, we work to help others recognize their call to also go and make disciples.

We live and serve as the hands and feet of Jesus in our community, faithfully working for God to share the Gospel, plant seeds of hope, and nurture new growth in God. To do this, we intentionally develop relationships in the community and are active in service.